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Are you a casual runner looking to run with fewer of those little niggles in your ankle, hip or knee? Or a more competitive runner looking to increase your speed and endurance? Pilates for runners will help you build your core strength so you run more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury. It's not just stretching!

Pilates is the perfect complement to running - if you find you never quite get round to cross-training or stretching as much as you should come and join this class for an enjoyable way to build your strength and flexibility.

We will work on that all-important, core  & glute strength, and also work the whole back line of the body to improve your running posture and alignment. Classes will also include balance work - vital to all runners as running is a single leg sport!

Book a FREE taster class - use the code PILATESRUNNERS1 when you book and come and try your first class for free!

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