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By booking a class or 1:2:1, either via Zoom or face-to-face with Pilates2theCore either through online booking or by cheque or cash, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as set out below.

I want you to enjoy and benefit from your Pilates classes. The terms and conditions below are set out to help you do this and to safe-guard my classes.

Payments, Cancellations & Refunds

  • All bookings are non-refundable.

  • I reserve the right to transfer all, or any classes over to Zoom, due to illness, a need to isolate, any change in government guidelines or any unforeseen circumstances. No refunds will be offered.

  • If you miss a class you have booked, where possible, you can swap to a different class. This is an offered as a courtesy and is not guaranteed. Any missed sessions must be made up within the block no classes can be carried forward. Free class swaps are limited to 2 per term. Further class swaps incur a £6 admin charge. 

  • Your class or session is not confirmed until I have received payment from you. If you choose to pay by cheque or cash, your place is only secure once I have received it and notified you of receipt.

  • All 121 sessions operate a 24hour cancellation policy and they are non-refundable if they are cancelled within 24hours of the appointment or in the event of a no-show. Appointments cancelled with more than 24hours notice are fully-refundable less a £5 admin fee. 

  • Please do let me know if you can't make your 121 appointment as if it's more than 24hours notice I can reschedule the session for you. 



I am no longer providing equipment. Please bring your own mat to class. Classes will also use small equipment which you can either buy or use alternatives from home; please get in touch to ask about what you will need for your classes.

Liability Release

  • I understand that Pilates2theCore is in no way responsible for the safekeeping of my personal belongings while I attend class.

  • I will tell the teacher of anything painful / unusual I experience in the class and between classes.

  • I will stop doing the exercise if I or she thinks I need to, or follow the alternatives my teacher gives me.

  • I understand my teacher may offer me professional advice relating to my ability to exercise and she may consider it unprofessional to continue to teach me if I do not wish to follow that advice.

  • I will keep my teacher updated on any changes in my medical condition.

  • I understand that all exercise carries a risk and I voluntarily participate in Pilates classes with full knowledge that there is risk of personal injury, property loss or death. I agree that neither I, my heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against Pilates2theCore or its members for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

  • If you are struggling with anything in your class, have any problems or concerns, do please let me know as soon as you can, and I will do my best to help.

  • I reserve the right to switch all, or any, classes to Zoom classes due to illness or unforseen circumstances or to meet government guidelines. No money will be refunded.

  • If there are not enough people booked into the class to run it for the term, I reserve the right to cancel the class. A full refund will be given to you.

Absence and our Courtesy Make-up Class Policy

  • If you are going to be absent from your class for more than one week, please let me know, or I will wonder what has happened to you.

  • I run a courtesy ‘make up class’ policy for our termly-booked classes, which means that if you miss a class you have booked, where possible, you can swap to a different class. You can even ‘make up’ a class in advance of you being absent! This is a offered as a courtesy and is not guaranteed. Any missed sessions must be made up within the block no classes can be carried forward to a new term. This is limited to 2 class swaps per term.

Black Friday Offer Additional Ts&Cs

  • Please note the above Ts&Cs are all applicable to the Black Friday offer

  • The Black Friday offer is non-refundable, either in whole or in part

  • With prior agreement from Pilates2theCore the offer can be transferred

  • In the event of any classes being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be refunded the £12 class price for the cancelled class.

  • The Black Friday offer is for a 12 week term and you can make 2 class swaps per each half of this term.


Thank you for agreeing to my terms and conditions

Pilate Class

Terms and Conditions

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