How are you keeping the classes Covid-secure?

I have worked hard with all the halls to make the classes as safe as possible.  2m social distancing is being practised at all classes, windows are open where possible, hand sanitiser is in the halls for you to use on your way in and your way out and everyone is bringing their own mat and small equipment. Whilst you are not required to wear a mask whilst the class is underway (as you will be at least 2m away from the next person) you are required to wear a mask on your way in and your way out of class. If you'd like to view a risk assessment please contact me.

How long is a session?

1-2-1s, 2-2-1s and group sessions are 45mins - 1hour (please see the timetable for details), however if you would like to book a longer or shorter session this can be arranged by request.


How do I book?

To book your sessions visit the booking page, call 07979 505863 or email


How do I pay?

Payments must be made in advance of your sessions. If you book online then payment is made online. Email and telephone bookings can be paid by BACs, cash or cheque.


What do I wear?

Please wear clothing that is comfortable to move in with some stretch – most people wear leggings or jogging bottoms with a top. The most important thing is you feel comfortable and can move! You can either have bare feet or wear socks. I would recommend socks with grip on the bottom but they are not essential.


Do I need to bring any equipment?

Yes, due to Covid-19 you must now bring your own mat and small equipment. Please get in touch if you are not sure what you need. The kitchens are currently closed in most of the halls so please bring your own water bottle.


How often should I attend classes?

I often get asked this and of course I recommend more than once a week! A rule of thumb is that you will feel better if you come once a week and you will really start to notice improvements and progress if you can come 2 or 3 times a week. If you can’t get to more than 1 class a week then a little bit of regular practise at home can make all the difference and I am always happy to suggest exercises that are safe and beneficial for you to carry out between classes!


Can I park at the hall?

Yes, all the halls I use have free parking available. Please be aware that the parking at the St Nicolas Church Hall in Cranleigh can get busy so do allow a little extra time.

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