This is my current class timetable (if you are not sure which class is right for you please get in touch and I can help guide you!). You can book here. All classes are mat Pilates classes.

COVID UPDATE: Most classes are back in-person. There are still some Zoom options available for you if you prefer Zoom. All In-person classes continue to run with Covid-safety measures in place such as distancing and ventilation (so please wear layers as the windows will be open!)


Cranleigh, St Nicolas Church Rooms

9:15am - Mixed Ability Pilates

Village Hall, Forest Green

6pm - Mixed Ability Pilates


Albury Village Hall & via Zoom

9:15am - Mixed Ability Pilates 

10:30am - Intermediate/Advanced Pilates






Ewhurst, EYSC

9:15am - Mixed Ability Pilates


12:05pm - Mixed Ability Pilates (45mins)

Albury Village Hall

6:45pm - Mixed Ability Pilates

8:00pm - Mixed Ability Pilates





My Pilates classes are small, friendly and effective. I offer different levels of the exercises throughout the class so you can work to the right level for you.

If you are new to Pilates I recommend a 1-2-1 session prior to your first class (or 1-2-2 if you prefer to do it with a friend!). This introductory session will run through the Pilates fundamentals so you can get the most out of the classes. I offer these at a discounted rate if you are joining a block. Contact me for details.

What to bring to class

I no longer provide mats or small equipment we use (bands, small balls). Please bring a mat or a towel to work on and get in touch if you would like advice about small equipment. Wear loose comfy clothing, we work in socks or bare feet so no special shoes needed. You can bring a bottle of water and a towel – to aid comfort and correct neck alignment for the exercises.


1hr classes are £11 a class when you sign up to a block of classes (save more than 20% off the class price!). A block is usually 6 weeks (and the blocks run in sync with school term dates). If you book a block and miss 1 session I will try and fit you in to another class within the same block so you can make up the missed class. Please note this is offered as a courtesy and is subject to a space being available.  £14 a class for pay-as-you-go (when space is available). You must register first.

45mins classes are £8 for a block booking and £10 to pay-as-you-go.


Please contact me to check availability.

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