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Beginners' Pilates Course

Beginner's course.png


*Fed up with aches and pains that just won’t go away?

*Tired of always thinking about your stiff or sore lower back?
* Would you like to try Pilates but worried about walking into a class because everyone else will know what they are doing?

* Worried that you are too unfit or inflexible to do Pilates?

Come and join my new 5 week beginners course starting from Tuesday 22nd Feb
During my beginners course you will:
*Learn exercises that will help you relieve the stiffness and aches in your lower back

 *Learn to engage and strengthen your core to help support your lower back so you feel better

*Be in a room of people all trying Pilates for the first time
*Discover how Pilates can be a whole-body workout, increasing mobility and strength in your spine and joints so you can move more freely with fewer aches and niggles

There are ONLY 6 PLACES left so book your place, via the links below, today

Course starts: 22nd February

Class time: Tuesdays 10:30am
Location: Albury Village Hall

Price: £49

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